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Unspoken truth comes from unlikely source

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

On Two and a Half Men the other night there was a touching scene, at least by Two and a Half Men standards, between long-time co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones that probably resonated with every divorced parent watching the program.

In reality, producers have demoted Jones and his character Jake to recurring status for the show’s upcoming 11th season. To explain his absence as a regular from the program, the writers have Jake, who is now in the Army, transferring to a base in Japan for one year. Before shipping out, Jake goes home one last time to see his Dad, Alan.

Father and son take a road trip and during the trip Jake admits that while he initially blamed Alan for the divorce from his Mom, he now realizes that the breakup wasn’t all Alan’s fault. Alan, touched by the gesture, thanked his son but indicated he wasn’t going to say anything bad about his ex-wife.  Jake replied, “Yea, but you probably hope I do.”

How many of us announce we are taking the high road by saying, “I’ll never say anything bad about Mom/Dad,” but secretly want the child to say something bad instead? Maybe we need a little validation or reassurance. Whatever the reason, if you’re honest you’ll admit you’ll take whatever putdown your child is willing to offer.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow. Father’s Day is next month. This year on Mother’s and Father’s Day give your children a present instead of expecting one. Don’t say anything bad about your ex, and don’t send them the unspoken message that you hope they say something bad instead.

A little laughter for alienated Moms on Mother’s Day

Friday, May 8th, 2009
 A parent in California recently wrote to tell us that A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation has been a great source of support and has helped him tie together concepts from other parental alienation books and articles.  But the part of his letter that surprised us the most was this  —
“I really appreciate the humor. On some of your anecdotes I laughed until I cried… at this stage humor is the best medicine for me.”
They (whoever “they” are) say laughter is the best medicine so with Mother’s Day coming up here’s an excerpt from the book that we hope helps alienated Mom’s and Dads through a rough day. It’s about my son Jared:
“… Jared was too smart for the third grade.  He ended up skipping a year in school but not before having problems with his third grade teacher.  For discipline, this teacher made Jared write down all the counties in the state.  We lived in Pennsylvania at the time.  Pennsylvania is a big state.  Jared spent a lot of time writing.
    Jared didn’t mind rewriting the counties over and over again.  He enjoyed the exercise so much he started writing down the counties even when he wasn’t in trouble.  He always had a fresh copy of counties to hand in to his teacher when he needed one.  He also had plenty of copies to sell to his classmates when they were in trouble.  When his teacher finally caught on to Jared’s entrepreneurial approach to the third grade, she wasn’t amused.  She didn’t give Jared high marks for his understanding if supply-side economics either.”
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s who aren’t with their children this Mother’s Day.  Please remember that parental alienation isn’t about whether or not you were a good Mom.  Parental alienation is about the other parent’s unresolved emotional issues.
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