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Helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends:

Over the years I’ve tried to help as many people as possible through the horrors of parental alienation. I’ve provided advice, information, referrals and support to anyone who asked. I never asked to be paid for my time, and never accepted money if it was offered. I never required anyone to buy a book in return for my help. I never asked anyone for anything, until now.

Hurricane Sandy left behind horrors that defy description. The storm devastated much of the northeastern United States, but saved its worst destruction for the New Jersey shore — a place that creates wonderful memories for so many children and families. Federal aid and insurance money will fall far short of what these coastal towns and their residents need to survive and rebuild. Many towns, like Belmar, New Jersey ( are accepting donations to help with relief and rebuilding efforts. So I’m asking you — please contribute whatever you can so that these towns and their people can rebuild and once again provide the kind of enjoyment and memories that are such an important part of family life.

Thank you.


mike jeffries
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