Television no place to address parental alienation

Wanted: Popular television program seeks one parental alienation family — including alienating parent, targeted parent and alienated child — to reunite in front of a national television audience. No experience necessary. Dramatic presentation skills preferred. Responsibilities include condensing years of acrimony and mistrust into easy-to-understand sound bites that fit between commercials, following the advice of a person you’ve just met, and participating in post-show counseling that Courts have previously ordered and you’ve avoided. Compensation is non-existent, travel expenses are paid. To apply contact The Dr. Phil Show. 

Yes, The Dr. Phil Show is doing another show on parental alienation and Dr. Phil’s producers are frantically searching for a parental alienation family willing to appear on the program. While many targeted parents want to believe that Dr. Phil can reunite them with their children after the Courts, family members, friends and full-time mental health professionals couldn’t, Mike Jeffries, author of A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation, uses his latest Basil & Spice blog at to point out that television can’t script a happily-ever-after ending to parental alienation.

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4 Responses to “Television no place to address parental alienation”

  1. Terri says:

    How it about in a novel, Mike?

    I’d love it if you’d take a look at my most recent blog post – constructive comments are most welcome! :<)

  2. Protect Children says:

    Television is one of the best ways to educate the public about parental alienation. But there are feminists working very hard politically to argue that parental alienation doesn’t exist. And there is another problem: as researched by Dr. Ira Turkat the kind of scientific studies that need to be done on parental alienation and problems like the one Dr. Turkat originally described, Divorce Related Malicious Parent Syndrome have not yet appeared. So even though families who suffer with all the problems caused by parental alienation continue to suffer, many of these feminists will keep throwing up obstacles about parental alienation, even though families are suffering from it.

  3. Don’t miss our 85th web/radio issue

    where Mike is being interviewed by us.

    The DAddy’s Voice

  4. AmputatedMom says:

    The notion that such a family might ‘reunite’ in a half hour show is whistling dixie! If such a show were aired to educate about PAS, I’d see that as a good thing. Interviews with experts, authors, etc. in a documentary-type show would be beneficial to all in exposing such an insidious hate crime. That could be an appropriate use of television to address PAS.
    That Dr. Phil thinks he can ‘reunite’ and ‘solve’ such a controversial and complicated issue in a half hour show of ‘he said – she said’ crap is utterly ridiculous!

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