Jeffries survives parental alienation and D.C. heat

Every family has its own jokes that get repeated year after year whenever the family gathers. My family is no different.

One of the jokes in our family revolves around my Dad and his encyclopedia-like knowledge of roads, highways and mileage. No matter where I’ve traveled, Dad asks about the route. More often than not, he tells me I could have taken a shorter, faster, safer, more scenic route– complete with a list of the fast food restaurants and tourist attractions I would have passed along the way. The fact that Dad may have never been within 500 miles of my destination doesn’t matter.

It isn’t often a son gets to stand where presidents have addressed millions and deliver a speech, but I recently did just that at the 2010 Family Preservation Festival in Washington D.C. On the day I spoke about surviving parental alienation the temperature was approximately 115 degrees. Festival participants were more interested in surviving the heat so attendance was sparse. That’s okay. I had the U.S. Capital behind me and the Washington Monument in front of me. I started my speech with an inside joke to Dad and the rest of the family. Only about one dozen people in the world would have understood it, until now.

To hear my little family joke and how I’ve survived parental alienation please click on the links below:

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One Response to “Jeffries survives parental alienation and D.C. heat”

  1. Joshcorn says:

    saying I am a very mature girl doesn’t means antnyihg in particular because 99% thinks that they are mature and in reality they are not. We have examples of 50 years old person who will never get mature enough.Parents are parents with different ideas and not the same as in other families than ours,For now the only you can do is to keep talking with them about it from time to time and possibly they will realise that trully you are mature enough.If you do not listen and you insist in your opinion it doesn’t show maturity.Another fact is that even though many 12 years old have fb accounts this it doesnt mean that is the right thing to do.Fb will put you in trouble in the future and especially when you are grown up and prospect emplyers will have access to all the foolish things you was doing as a kid,Many people are suffering because all they did in their lifes is public knowledge and now they regret about that.Keep that in mind and you will see that it doesnt give you any advantages a fb account.

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